If you jump // I jump

awkward van pepe //
forever bummed
Title Fight

—Crescent Shaped Depression


Crescent Shaped Depression - Title Fight

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You Blew It!

—Medal of Honor


Say you’re kidding me, except I don’t think you’re joking, and neither of us are laughing. How did I end up bedside wondering what you meant by “the end?” Now you’ve seen that I’m not exactly the person you wanted me to be, so put it on my shoulders.

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Balance and Composure

—Tiny Raindrop


I’ll take you on a drive

Like gardens filled with mirrors

Lay back eyes open wide

Through alley’s we’re disappearing

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Ok but one thing I’ll never understand about the states is that in some places you can get a gun at 16 but you can’t drink til you’re 21…

More Than Life

—Daisy Hill


"Daisy Hill" - More Than Life

Why do I lie to myself
And still pretend I don’t remember every second of every hour that we ever spent together
Your blood red cheeks in the cold follow me home



—There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths)


citizen cover of ‘there is a light that never goes out’ by the smiths